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Designed to test cows' milk for signs of mastitis. Simple to use: discard first stream of milk from quarter to be tested. Then hold blotter in slanting position so milk stream will first cover dark area and run down over yellow round area.4.5/5(4).

May 13, 2016 · Mastitis indicators are safe and simple colormetric cow-side tests for mastitic milk, designed to test the milk from the corresponding quarter of the cows udder A color-change blotter card reveals flakes and clots, and also tests for abnormally alkaline milk, all of which point to a mastitis 3.3/5(8).

CMT - California Mastitis Test Kit Introductory kit for mastitis detection and control. The CMT measures somatic cell counts through a special reagent in a four chamber paddle. California Mastitis Test Kit Includes: 4 chamber paddle (also sold separately) 1/2 liter empty pour bottle ; 1 pint (16 oz) concentrated CMT liquid (also sold separately)3/5(2).