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Head Up Ass Disease, in other words, someone has HUAD when his/her perception of a situation is so unusual or extremely inaccurate, most are left speechless.

HUTAS - Head Up the Ass Syndrome. Looking for abbreviations of HUTAS? It is Head Up the Ass Syndrome. Head Up the Ass Syndrome listed as HUTAS. Head Up My Ass; Head Up the Ass Syndrome; Head Up Tilt; Head Up Your Ass; head upright tilt test; head upright tilt test; head upright tilt test; head us off; head us off at the pass;.

When a person and/or persons are reluctant to make the correct decision although they know it is for their benefit. b. Being able to come to a conclusion and not agreeing with the answer. c. Ignoring common sense. d. The inability to think clearly due to lack of encouragement.