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A recent men’s health survey found that over 87% of all men experience reduced penile sensation, often as early as their teenage years. Loss of penis sensation can be a serious problem, leading to loss of sexual enjoyment and even impotence. On the other hand, a large number of men have benefited 4/5(1).

Regaining Sensitivity after Circumcision through Foreskin Restoration. Foreskin itself is sensitive, erogenous, and protective of your penis head and mucous membranes for maximum feeling, but many men lose their foreskin at a young age, and others elect to be circumcised as adults.

Many men have experienced the feeling of reduced penis sensitivity. Men can regain sensitivity of their penis over time and this post will discuss how to achieve this. Most men discover they have sensitivity issues when they have sex and they find it hard to have an orgasm due to a lack of feeling in the penis which obviously equals less pleasure.