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May 12, 2010 · Several months ago, his doctor put him on Androgel because of low t levels and really downplayed the potential fertility impact. I recently went to a fertility doctor because I have endometriosis. We started the testing, and they did a semen analysis and found that my husband had zero sperm.

Before my question here is a little bit of history. I visited a Fertility doctor in South Florida and had a Sperm Count and mortality test. The results where not favorable, the sperm count are low and die easily. These doctors only gave me Vitamins and told me to go to an MD to have a general Checkup.

Jan 25, 2010 · Effects of Methadone and Androgel on Male Fertility. My DH has low T and is on 300 hCG 3x/week and it really helped his sperm count and motility. The TRT (androgel) will shrink his testicles and at high levels kill his sperm. Yes, Drs downplay this and prescribe TRT all the time without finding the cause or doing what's healthiest for a.