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Parenting Tips | Aussie Deaf Kids tips for adults with deaf toddlers

David R. Schleper outlines 15 principles for adults to use when reading to deaf and hard of hearing children. The research is based on what deaf parents do when reading to their deaf and hard of hearing children. The deaf parents: Translate stories using American Sign Language. Focus on concepts and use lots of fingerspelling. Keep both languages (ASL and English) visible. Make sure children .

Resources for deaf people parenting hearing children. Some parenting challenges were addressed by an episode of TV's Supernanny, in which the nanny visited a family of deaf parents with hearing children.In Season 5, the "Baulisch family" episode that aired 10/10/08, the nanny confronts poor communication in the family because the younger hearing children did not sign much.

Parenting tips for deaf children with additional needs Parenting a deaf child with additional needs is similar and different to parenting any other child. Where there are differences, there are usually challenges, so support and advice from other parents is often invaluable.