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Shop at Parentgiving to find a great selection of MoliCare incontinence products that provide maximum absorbency and comfort. MoliCare Adult Diapers, Pads & Briefs for Incontinence Customer Center.

European-made Molicare adult diapers offer an extraordinary level of absorbency in a fitted brief. Ideal for overnight use or heavy incontinence, they feature a super-absorbent core, standing leak guards, refastenable tapes, and a wetness indicator. All Molicare products are latex free.

Buy Molicare Adult Diapers from Magic Medical. Get the Best from the Best. MoliCare Premium Slip MAXI PLUSi is the newest, most absorbent diaper of the Molicare line with a clothlike cover. Molicare Slip Maxi is as absorbent as the Premium, has the plastic outer cover and .