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Bill Paying Services for Seniors | Silverbills bill paying services for older adults

Aug 17, 2016 · A bill-paying service can help ensure that your parent's bills are paid on time and accurately. About one in five people 71 and older have mild cognitive impairment and half of adults Author: Richard Eisenberg.

Daily Money Management Programs for Seniors. How DMM Services Are Provided. Older Americans can obtain DMM services in a number of ways. These agencies often use volunteers to provide basic DMM tasks, such as bill paying. To find an elder assistance agency that provides DMM services, contact your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). Author: Kathleen Michon, Attorney.

SilverBills will review each bill when received to make sure that the bill is correct. If it is correct, SilverBills will authorize your vendor to deduct payment from your checking account or arrange for another form of payment. If there is a problem or question, SilverBills will work together with you and your vendor to remedy the problem.