Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile - adult sensory profiles


Sensory Profile 2 adult sensory profiles

Coefficient alpha, factor analysis, and correlations of items with subscales determined item reliability, using data from 615 adult sensory profiles. A subsample of 20 adults furnished skin conductance data. A heterogeneous group of 93 adults completed the revised Adult Sensory Profile, and item reliability was reexamined. Results.Cited by: 254.

The Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile (Brown & Dunn, 2002) is a standardized assessment that measures sensory processing among adolescents and adults, ages 11 years and up. It elicits information about the adolescent’s or adult’s responsiveness to.

Sensory Profile 2 and Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile Complete Starter Kit. 0158700015. Includes: Manuals and 1 pack each English form for Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile and Sensory Profile 2. Do you support people from other disciplines administering the Sensory Profiles? Video FAQs - Do you support people from other disciplines.