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He suggested a treatment plan which included an expander so that we could try to avoid having to pull out teeth in the future. This appealed to me, greatly, because my friend was going through a battery of implants and braces for the second time as an adult due to her childhood orthodontist pulling teeth!

Because of the significant discounts given by network dentists, these programs are becoming more popular, and most of them offer price reductions on adult orthodontia and cosmetic procedures. Careington Care 500 Plan, for example, is a savings plan offering 20 percent off of the dentist's regular fee for adult orthodontia. To join, you pay a.

For this Maryland dentist, as an adult it was an easy decision to seek a healthy beautiful smile under the care of an orthodontist. Years ago, while she was in dental school at Howard University, one of her professors suggested Dr. Dorienne Taylor-Bishop get orthodontic treatment, as it would be covered by her student health insurance.