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* A Diaper * A Diaper and a T-Shirt * A Diaper and Pyjamas Is this difficult to enforce each and every day? Oh yes, especially when I am exhausted from other things. However, knowing that I can cancel a night whenever I feel like it takes much of the stress and anxiety out of being a Mommy for my hubby.

Jan 27, 2012 · Hello! I am still alittle new to the adult baby world. I was just introduced to it in november. I can take care of him and be his mommy, its the sexual aspect i am struggling with. My baby boy loves to be punished and humiliated and that is something i am not good with. I was wondering if anyone.

Mar 16, 2017 · * another punishment is make him write lines, for example, write 100 times I'm sorry I was a bad baby - I may not change My diaper only an adult is allowed to do so. - I am only allowed little kid outfits. (shortalls, shorts, shirts with a kidlike print design. for cold nights footed pajamas with the zipper that locks in the back, for hot.